God’s Word Blesses Us Schedule

God’s Word Blesses Us!

We will gather to listen to God’s Word speak to us individually and corporately. A word of caution: God’s Word Blesses Us is not a format where anyone gets to try to convince others how to believe or what to believe. That alone should bring you out in droves! The format of GWBU, “Lets the passage first challenge you before it challenges anyone else. To use the text in a spiritual way—as Jesus did—is to allow it to convert you, to change you, to grow you up as you respond: What does this ask of me? How might this apply to my life, to my family, to my church, to my neighborhood, to my country?” I am confident those looking to learn more about God and experience more of God will surely find that and more.

One additional benefit for those who participate in this small group ministry is that it’s not essential that you attend the same group each week. You can go to any group, at any time, because every group will address the same passage. If you can’t make your regular time – go to another Small Group gathering. It’s entirely up to you. Another benefit of this small group ministry is that you can join anytime. It is not a sequential program where if you miss a week or two you will feel out of place. You don’t need to sign up. All you need to do is show up to any of the groups listed below. We will take breaks from time to time for holidays, otherwise, they will simply keep going and be available each week as scheduled. Of course, from time to time the host will need to bring in a ‘substitute – another one of our trained hosts, to cover their absence. Still another benefit is that you can count on each session starting promptly and closing with a prayer and a tender and soft nudge for you to keep reflecting quietly as you depart. There will be no food or post session – just a quiet departure.

The outcome for the members and friends of St John’s who participate in these small groups is the biblical promise of spiritual growth and a deepened relationship with God.

Small Group Hosts and Schedule

Connie and Dave Babb

Monday @ 6:30 pm | Room 205-207

We meet each week.

This session will break for summer, ending July 1 and resuming September 9.

Mel Roth

Tuesday @ 1:00 pm | Conference Room

We meet each week.

This session will break for summer, ending July 16 and resuming September 3.

Ros and Brian Moatz

Tuesday @ 7:00 pm | Moatz Home

We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month.

Please call 610-367-6377 for directions.

Karen and Steve Schwartz

Tuesday @ 7:00 pm | Schwartz Home

We meet each week.

Please call 586-747-9174 for directions.

Pastor Bob

Thursday @ 11:00 am | Pastor Bob’s Office

We meet each week.

Martha Bentley

Sunday @ 9:15 am | Conference Room

We meet each week.

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